Makeup tips for interview

First impressions do matter, especially if you are trying to land a job. If this is your first job, it might be even more stressful for you. However, the right makeup won’t just make your first impression better, it will make you feel more confident about your chances.

First and foremost, you have to keep your makeup simple. Just wash your hair, and ensure it stays tame and controlled. Do not opt for any hair accessories, for they might look too flashy. As for makeup, you have to make sure it is simple.

Interview Makeup Tips

Don’t use too much foundation on your face- just enough to hide the blemishes and spots. Keep eye makeup to the minimum too- a thin line of pencil liner on your upper eyelid would help. Nude lipsticks are always the best choice for an interview- just make sure you have picked out the right nude for your skin colour.

Well-groomed eyebrows will change how your entire face looks. A couple of nights before the interview, pluck out the stray eyebrow hairs to give them a more sculpted look. You should also cut your nails and leave them unpainted, so that it doesn’t look like you have overdone it.

As long as you keep it simple, you will be fine. All the best for the interview!


Using Beauty Tutorials to Update Your Look

Beauty Tutorials, make up for mature women

The internet is jam packed with beauty tutorials, the vast majority are aimed at young women, but there are plenty of wonderful Beauty tutorials for the more mature lady too. The key to flattering make up in your 40s, 50s and beyond is not to get stuck in a rut. Update your skincare routine regularly and keep an eye on new make-up products. I recommend that every time you go make-up shopping to replace one of your favourite items, ask the ladies in the make-up counter if there are any great new products they’d recommend. The cosmetics companies are constantly updating and improving their formulas so it’s well worth checking them out. Always take any samples you are offered and try them at home, it’s a great way to find new favourite products. The most ageing thing you can do is to wear the same colours, textures and style at 50 that you did when you first started experimenting with make up at 15. What suited you then, will make you look dated now. Mature skin needs lighter foundations, less shimmery eye shadows, more moisturising lipsticks and different techniques. Check out make-up artist Lisa Eldridge’s beauty tutorials for glowing youthful make-up for mature skin and more great tips

Online beauty websites – Helping you avoid embarassment

Online beauty websites

It’s never too late to learn some beauty tricks, so don’t let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. UV rays, air conditioners, heat, wind and icy conditions can all contribute to skin pigmentation, so its important to start your day with a gentle face wash to remove oil and dirt build-up, which can block the pores. There are so many online beauty websites that offer excellent advice for when you’re looking for products to clean and moisturise your skin. These websites will even advise you on how to make healthier food choices because, after all, what you eat and how much works its way to your skin. The great thing about these online beauty websites is that if you’re embarrassed about going out because of bad skin or you’re overweight, for instance, you can quietly transform your looks from the comfort of your home by ordering products online, getting advice from online medical staff and have products delivered right to your door. To know more about it, click on 

Choosing the perfect red lip

If you want to make your outfit look much more glamorous, with little effort, just throw a red lipstick on. It will turn your look around, and it will make your face pop. However, there is a catch. You have to find the right red lip!

Red lip

When getting a red lipstick, there are a number of things you need to consider.

  • Undertone: Red lipsticks primarily come in three undertones- true red, blue (pink) undertone and orange (yellow) undertone. True reds suit almost all skin complexions. But in order to choose between blue or orange undertone, you have to find the undertone of your skin (which is quite an easy process). People with warm undertones look better in an orange-red, whereas people with cool undertones will look better in a blue-red.
  • Texture: Red lipsticks can be sheer, creamy or matte. There are some people who prefer the matte look, whereas some people prefer creamy. Creamy lipsticks might not be a good idea if you have a lot of fine lines on your lips, for the colour will set right into the creases. However, matte lipsticks are really drying, and your lips will have to be properly moisturised for you to be able to use these.
  • Brand: It would make sense for you to invest in a red lipstick from a well known brand (if you have to own one lipstick in your life, the NARS Dragon Girl, or Mac Ruby Woo would be the perfect choice). These lipsticks would have much better payoff, and would be more delicate on your lips! After all, every girl deserves an amazing red lipstick- one that will turn heads!


Winter makeup tips

With approaching winter or fall dry weather takes the moisture away from the skin. It does not matter how good your makeup is. Regular exfoliating with moisturising helps a lot. Drinking a lot of water also helps a lot. Here are few things I do to keep up during the dry season.

Using milk to cleanse

Using milk to cleanse – Instead of using gel based cleansers use milk. Milk has cream in it which also moisturizes the skin while you clean it. This simple switch in the cleansing way will help a lot.

Mixing moisturizer to FoundationMix moisturizer in the foundation – By mixing moisturizer in your foundation cream you are imparting that extra moisture to the skin which will very helpful. It helps to keep the dry patches on the skin away.

Using Sunscreen in Winter

Use of Sunscreen – Absence of sun does not mean that you do not need sunscreen. In fact winter sun damages your skin more as you do not apply sun screen. Apply sunscreen lightly while going out.

Overnight Hydrating Mask

Use an overnight hydrating mask – Overnight hydrating masks are a must in winters. Skin glands produce less oil in winters and proper enrichment is required.

Red patches on skin in Winter

Reduce the red skin – Cold winter winds can redden your skin. Use herbal moisturizers to calm the redness. You can also use 1% hydrocortisone cream.

Protect from Windy Conditions

Keep away from wind – Icy winds can harm your skin and face in a lot of ways. Just wear a hood while going out in windy conditions.

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Hairdo tips to make you look beautiful


Hairdo TipsThe Hairdo  can make or break the look of a woman. Nice hairdo will enhance your look while an odd one will make matters worse. Well  here are some solutions , easy to make and fine to look at.

  • Use locking technique for better hold – The most common problem with hairdo is that it opens up. Well use the age-old locking technique. Rotate you hair around the hair pin and push it inwards. It will help keep the hair tightly fit.
  • Curling the straight hair – recently I learnt a new technique to curl the hair with very little harm. Just roll the hair and wrap it in an aluminium foil. Press it with flat-iron. The curls will stay day long and enhance your beauty.
  • Using pins to make lasting Braids – Braids are really in trend with Katniss Aberdeen (Jenifer Lawrence) of Hunger games sporting the braid. To make a braid like that twist hair as per the style and use the pin to secure the end.
  • Ponytail that looks like a knot – Well This is a new way to make a pony tail. Just make sure that the hair covers the rubber band and you will love the way it will enhance your look.

Well that is it for now. Next time will come up with more tips on hair styling.

Makeup Trends for This Summer

Are you trying to find ways to spice up your look this summer? There are a number of exciting new makeup trends you could try this year!

As for eye makeup, cat-eye liners are back in vogue. The classic smokey eye is also back in vogue, but you can add your own twist to it by using colours like dark-green, or purple, instead of black.

Smokey Eyes

Glossy eyelids are extremely popular this summer, too. If you do not want to spend a lot of money to make your eyelids look glossy, you can just use some Vaseline, or clear gloss!

Glossy eyelids

Eyebrows have become popular this season too. Thicker eyebrows are more in vogue- but no matter how thick or thin your eyebrows actually are, you should make sure they are carefully shaped.

Thick eyebrows

White eye pencils have made a return this season- just use a little on the inside corner of your eyes to make it more open.

White eyeliner

A lot more emphasis is being laid on the eyes and the cheeks than the lips this season too. If you are a lipcolour fan, it would do you good to invest on a few nudes and clear lipglosses.

Nude Lipcolours
These tips will give you a fresher and brighter look- one that is perfect for the weather!