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Hairdo tips to make you look beautiful


Hairdo TipsThe Hairdo  can make or break the look of a woman. Nice hairdo will enhance your look while an odd one will make matters worse. Well  here are some solutions , easy to make and fine to look at.

  • Use locking technique for better hold – The most common problem with hairdo is that it opens up. Well use the age-old locking technique. Rotate you hair around the hair pin and push it inwards. It will help keep the hair tightly fit.
  • Curling the straight hair – recently I learnt a new technique to curl the hair with very little harm. Just roll the hair and wrap it in an aluminium foil. Press it with flat-iron. The curls will stay day long and enhance your beauty.
  • Using pins to make lasting Braids – Braids are really in trend with Katniss Aberdeen (Jenifer Lawrence) of Hunger games sporting the braid. To make a braid like that twist hair as per the style and use the pin to secure the end.
  • Ponytail that looks like a knot – Well This is a new way to make a pony tail. Just make sure that the hair covers the rubber band and you will love the way it will enhance your look.

Well that is it for now. Next time will come up with more tips on hair styling.