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Makeup tips for interview

First impressions do matter, especially if you are trying to land a job. If this is your first job, it might be even more stressful for you. However, the right makeup won’t just make your first impression better, it will make you feel more confident about your chances.

First and foremost, you have to keep your makeup simple. Just wash your hair, and ensure it stays tame and controlled. Do not opt for any hair accessories, for they might look too flashy. As for makeup, you have to make sure it is simple.

Interview Makeup Tips

Don’t use too much foundation on your face- just enough to hide the blemishes and spots. Keep eye makeup to the minimum too- a thin line of pencil liner on your upper eyelid would help. Nude lipsticks are always the best choice for an interview- just make sure you have picked out the right nude for your skin colour.

Well-groomed eyebrows will change how your entire face looks. A couple of nights before the interview, pluck out the stray eyebrow hairs to give them a more sculpted look. You should also cut your nails and leave them unpainted, so that it doesn’t look like you have overdone it.

As long as you keep it simple, you will be fine. All the best for the interview!


Winter makeup tips

With approaching winter or fall dry weather takes the moisture away from the skin. It does not matter how good your makeup is. Regular exfoliating with moisturising helps a lot. Drinking a lot of water also helps a lot. Here are few things I do to keep up during the dry season.

Using milk to cleanse

Using milk to cleanse – Instead of using gel based cleansers use milk. Milk has cream in it which also moisturizes the skin while you clean it. This simple switch in the cleansing way will help a lot.

Mixing moisturizer to FoundationMix moisturizer in the foundation – By mixing moisturizer in your foundation cream you are imparting that extra moisture to the skin which will very helpful. It helps to keep the dry patches on the skin away.

Using Sunscreen in Winter

Use of Sunscreen – Absence of sun does not mean that you do not need sunscreen. In fact winter sun damages your skin more as you do not apply sun screen. Apply sunscreen lightly while going out.

Overnight Hydrating Mask

Use an overnight hydrating mask – Overnight hydrating masks are a must in winters. Skin glands produce less oil in winters and proper enrichment is required.

Red patches on skin in Winter

Reduce the red skin – Cold winter winds can redden your skin. Use herbal moisturizers to calm the redness. You can also use 1% hydrocortisone cream.

Protect from Windy Conditions

Keep away from wind – Icy winds can harm your skin and face in a lot of ways. Just wear a hood while going out in windy conditions.

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Liven Your Looks with the Best Beauty Tricks

With so many beauty products out there, you can make your own unique style the best. Even naturally beautiful woman experience problems with their looks and they also like to boost their psyche sometimes with some trendy cosmetics. Multicoloured bags, scarves and skirts may well add some sparkle to your wardrobe, but what are you doing to your face to present an interesting image?


Lip- and eye make-up can go a long way to enhance a woman’s look. Lipsticks today contain softening emollients and moisturisers to suit cold, wintry conditions. With a range of high-fashion shades, you’ll have a wardrobe of colours to match your outfits for every occasion. And what about lip-liner pencils? Creamy and smooth, they are a must have to create perfect lusciously shaped lips

Cleverly used, lip colours can certainly change the shape of your mouth. Women of all ages just love lip crayons because of their simple application. Not only do they give your lips the ideal amount of colour, they hydrate the lips and you can swipe them across your lips anywhere anytime. your pick from matte, glossy, sheer, opaque, satin or balm – you’ll look casually cool with this trendy more-modern-than-lipstick make-up. You get moisture, colour and gloss all in one and they last as long as any lipstck.

Get the luscious lips look

Well defined, luscious lips are one of the best assets a woman can have. It’s not particularly easy making your lips look perfect, but there are some routines you can follow to make sure your lips look beautiful, with or without lipstick!

First of all, you have to acknowledge the fact that your lips need regular scrubbing. You need to regularly remove the dying skin and cells on your lips so that your natural lip colour can shine through. You can do this by exfoliating your lips with your toothbrush twice a day- right after you are done brushing. If you want to take this a step ahead, you can always make a lip scrub for yourself.

Luscious Lips

Secondly, you have to make sure that you keep your lips moisturized. Invest in a good colourless chapstick. You can use this lip balm as a base for your lip stick as well. It will prevent your lips from chapping and breaking out, which will make them look lifeless.

Thirdly, when you are wearing lipstick, make sure that you define the shape of your lips well. Well-defined lips can look full and luscious. If your lips are too thin, you could always use the lip liner to create a false lip shape and just colour in the blanks (you can take some tips from what Kendall Jenner is doing!).

These are simple tips that will give you lips that will make everybody jealous!