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Using Beauty Tutorials to Update Your Look

Beauty Tutorials, make up for mature women

The internet is jam packed with beauty tutorials, the vast majority are aimed at young women, but there are plenty of wonderful Beauty tutorials for the more mature lady too. The key to flattering make up in your 40s, 50s and beyond is not to get stuck in a rut. Update your skincare routine regularly and keep an eye on new make-up products. I recommend that every time you go make-up shopping to replace one of your favourite items, ask the ladies in the make-up counter if there are any great new products they’d recommend. The cosmetics companies are constantly updating and improving their formulas so it’s well worth checking them out. Always take any samples you are offered and try them at home, it’s a great way to find new favourite products. The most ageing thing you can do is to wear the same colours, textures and style at 50 that you did when you first started experimenting with make up at 15. What suited you then, will make you look dated now. Mature skin needs lighter foundations, less shimmery eye shadows, more moisturising lipsticks and different techniques. Check out make-up artist Lisa Eldridge’s beauty tutorials for glowing youthful make-up for mature skin and more great tips