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Choosing the perfect red lip

If you want to make your outfit look much more glamorous, with little effort, just throw a red lipstick on. It will turn your look around, and it will make your face pop. However, there is a catch. You have to find the right red lip!

Red lip

When getting a red lipstick, there are a number of things you need to consider.

  • Undertone: Red lipsticks primarily come in three undertones- true red, blue (pink) undertone and orange (yellow) undertone. True reds suit almost all skin complexions.┬áBut in order to choose between blue or orange undertone, you have to find the undertone of your skin (which is quite an easy process). People with warm undertones look better in an orange-red, whereas people with cool undertones will look better in a blue-red.
  • Texture: Red lipsticks can be sheer, creamy or matte. There are some people who prefer the matte look, whereas some people prefer creamy. Creamy lipsticks might not be a good idea if you have a lot of fine lines on your lips, for the colour will set right into the creases. However, matte lipsticks are really drying, and your lips will have to be properly moisturised for you to be able to use these.
  • Brand: It would make sense for you to invest in a red lipstick from a well known brand (if you have to own one lipstick in your life, the NARS Dragon Girl, or Mac Ruby Woo would be the perfect choice). These lipsticks would have much better payoff, and would be more delicate on your lips! After all, every girl deserves an amazing red lipstick- one that will turn heads!