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Makeup Trends for This Summer

Are you trying to find ways to spice up your look this summer? There are a number of exciting new makeup trends you could try this year!

As for eye makeup, cat-eye liners are back in vogue. The classic smokey eye is also back in vogue, but you can add your own twist to it by using colours like dark-green, or purple, instead of black.

Smokey Eyes

Glossy eyelids are extremely popular this summer, too. If you do not want to spend a lot of money to make your eyelids look glossy, you can just use some Vaseline, or clear gloss!

Glossy eyelids

Eyebrows have become popular this season too. Thicker eyebrows are more in vogue- but no matter how thick or thin your eyebrows actually are, you should make sure they are carefully shaped.

Thick eyebrows

White eye pencils have made a return this season- just use a little on the inside corner of your eyes to make it more open.

White eyeliner

A lot more emphasis is being laid on the eyes and the cheeks than the lips this season too. If you are a lipcolour fan, it would do you good to invest on a few nudes and clear lipglosses.

Nude Lipcolours
These tips will give you a fresher and brighter look- one that is perfect for the weather!