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Winter makeup tips

With approaching winter or fall dry weather takes the moisture away from the skin. It does not matter how good your makeup is. Regular exfoliating with moisturising helps a lot. Drinking a lot of water also helps a lot. Here are few things I do to keep up during the dry season.

Using milk to cleanse

Using milk to cleanse – Instead of using gel based cleansers use milk. Milk has cream in it which also moisturizes the skin while you clean it. This simple switch in the cleansing way will help a lot.

Mixing moisturizer to FoundationMix moisturizer in the foundation – By mixing moisturizer in your foundation cream you are imparting that extra moisture to the skin which will very helpful. It helps to keep the dry patches on the skin away.

Using Sunscreen in Winter

Use of Sunscreen – Absence of sun does not mean that you do not need sunscreen. In fact winter sun damages your skin more as you do not apply sun screen. Apply sunscreen lightly while going out.

Overnight Hydrating Mask

Use an overnight hydrating mask – Overnight hydrating masks are a must in winters. Skin glands produce less oil in winters and proper enrichment is required.

Red patches on skin in Winter

Reduce the red skin – Cold winter winds can redden your skin. Use herbal moisturizers to calm the redness. You can also use 1% hydrocortisone cream.

Protect from Windy Conditions

Keep away from wind – Icy winds can harm your skin and face in a lot of ways. Just wear a hood while going out in windy conditions.

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